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Irlen Overlays - Empowering Reluctant Readers with Visual Processing Challenges

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Challenges in visual processing can quickly lead to a child becoming a reluctant reader. Symptoms may include:

  • Visual Discomfort: Children who often experience headaches, eyestrain, or discomfort while reading or viewing printed materials may find relief with an Irlen overlay.

  • Difficulty with Reading Fluency: If a child has difficulty reading smoothly despite understanding the content, it may be due to visual processing issues such as trouble tracking lines of text or maintaining focus on the page.

  • Sensitivity to Light or Glare: Some children are highly sensitive to bright lights or glare from pages, which can make reading difficult and uncomfortable.

  • Print Distortion: Children who see printed text as moving, shaking, or blurry might have visual processing issues that can be improved with an Irlen overlay. The overlay stabilizes text and reduces distortions.

  • Attention and Concentration: Visual stress from reading difficulties can affect a child’s ability to concentrate. Those who struggle to focus on reading tasks or are easily distracted may benefit from an Irlen overlay, which can reduce visual stress and enhance concentration.

‘By reducing visual stress, Irlen overlays can help children become more engaged and interested in reading activities.’

Pauline Tait

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Some schools use Irlen overlays to help students with visual processing difficulties, but their use varies widely. It depends on factors such as teacher awareness, alternative supports available, and the specific needs of each student.

But where needed, their benefits can be instant.

  • Reducing Visual Stress

  • Improving Reading Fluency

  • Enhancing Focus and Concentration

  • Improving Print Clarity

  • Supporting Academic Performance

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If your reluctant reader experiences headaches, eyestrain, reading fluency issues, sensitivity to glare, print distortion, or concentration difficulties, consider discussing these symptoms with their teacher, the school’s learning support specialist and an optician.

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